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Offshore Equipment & Products

Marine, offshore and Floating Flexible Hoses


Solution providing for all sectors of flexible:

  • What you need?
  • Who is the must sufficient manufacturer?
  • Which construction you need?
  • How to install hose assemblies?
  • Inspection, Repair and troubleshooting

We are dedicated to provide our valued clients with extensive solutions in case of flexibles starting from engineering g and design step, procurement, transport and installation, after sale services and even more.


Flexible hoses

  • Floating, submersible and Subsea hoses (OCIMF)
  • Ship to ship (STS) Hoses
  • Hydraulic/Pneumatic
  • Choke and kill
  • Rotary/Vibrator
  • Special Fluid conveying hoses
  • Dock hoses


Mast Cranes

Heavy lift crane using state-of-the-art technology, resulting in a lifting capacity up to 8,000mt. on offshore construction vessels or semi-submersibles.




Pedestal Mounted cranes (PMC)

This kind of cranes can be used for various tasks including unloading of supply vessels, offshore installation work, pipe transfer, deck handling and subsea installation.


Tub Mounted cranes

With lifting capacities up to 12,000mt. provide a reliable and durable slewing solution. This provides several benefits. The own weight of the crane is 10-15% lower and the center of gravity of the crane is lower as well. A larger free deck space is available by making use of more load .




Floating and mobile cranes

Variety of special design and multipurpose floating cranes with lifting capacity up to 4000mt and mobile cranes with lifting capacities up to 2,000mt and lifting heights up to 236m.

 Lift, Pull/Push and mooring equipment

Marine grade Wire ropes and Hawsers

 - Single, Double and Swivel types

 - Synthetic, Fiber, Steel and none-steel ropes



 - Electric Winches
 - Pneumatic Winches
 - Hydraulic Winches
 - Mooring Winches
 - Anchor Winches
 - Ship Assist winches





 - Chain Hoists
 - General purpose hoists



 - Block
 - Links
 - Shackles
 - Hooks